Twilight Wicca is a modern Wiccan tradition.

Existing within a Wiccan framework, Twilight Wicca honors many pantheons and cultures.

Aislin Elevated to 3*

Aislin has completed the priestess training program and has been elevated to third degree! Aislin was training for her third degree when the decision to hive was made. She continued her priestess training while at the same time already acting as high priestess, leading her coven. Now, her hard work has come to fruition, and […]

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Shadow Sisters

Covens in the Twilight Tradition might elect to have a congregational group called Shadow Sisters. Shadow Sisters is the congregational group for Coven of the Twilight Moon. Those who are in the Shadow Sisters are a) former coven members, initiates in the tradition who cannot make the time commitment needed for regular coven membership, b) […]

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Recommended Reading List

Recommended Reading List Wicca and Witchcraft Wicca: A Comprehensive Guide to the Old Religion in the Modern World by Vivianne Crowley Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham A Witch Alone by Marion Green An ABC of Witchcraft by Doreen Valiente Elements of Wicca by Deborah Lipp Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland What Witches Do by […]

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Why 21 and older? While, we may make an exception for women who are 18-21, we like our sisters to be able to fully participate in all of our rituals, and this includes imbibing of wine or spirits in circle. Also, experience has shown us that women 21 and older are usually better equipped to […]

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