Why 21 and older?

While, we may make an exception for women who are 18-21, we like our sisters to be able to fully participate in all of our rituals, and this includes imbibing of wine or spirits in circle. Also, experience has shown us that women 21 and older are usually better equipped to handle the commitment and emotional involvement one finds in a coven.


Why “Twilight” tradition?

Twilight, or gloaming, as it’s known in faery traditions, is a time between times, a place not dark, and not light. There are no shadows. It’s truly a magickal time of the day, and the energy is amazing. This amazing energy is reflected in the sisters of this tradition. Yes, we predated the Twilight books.


Why women-born women?

Some of our covens may be restricted to women-born women, only. While this isn’t dictated by tradition, it’s something that should be mentioned.

Does this mean that we are prejudiced towards (non women-born) people who identify as women, or those who are transexual or transgendered? No, not at all! In fact, the founder of the coven also co-founded a women’s social group that explicitly includes transgendered ladies. Women are women.

Women who grew up as girls have had different social experiences than women who didn’t grow up as women. These societal pressures and other experiences of growing up as a women aid us in relating to one another, and also give us common issues and challenges to overcome.  Just because a group doesn’t allow non-women born women doesn’t mean the group is prejudiced- it just means that the group has a focus that is exclusive to women-born women. This might include womb-related mysteries, healing that is exclusive to women’s bodies, or other things.

Just as a Greek Reconstructionist group has a focus that is exclusive to those who are interested in Greek culture. Celtic Recons would have to find another group that fits their needs. We understand that its tough to find a group that fits ones needs, and many of the tight-knit covens are exclusive to one group or another (ie; gay men). This is a private group, not a public church, and therefore we choose carefully who we invite to join our spiritual family.

There is a group for everyone, and if you can’t find one, start one! There are probably people in your situation (age/tradition/pantheon/ gender/etc) who are looking for a coven, too!


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