Dedicant Training

Dedicant training takes place in a series of weekly classes,  referred to as “dedicant classes” or “Wicca 101”. These classes may be open to other women who aren’t dedicants, and these classes are a requirement for initiation. These classes teach Wicca within our tradition, and the classes will include homework. Even if you have taken Wicca 101 before, you must take our classes. Look at our FAQ for more information on the reasons behind this.


Initiate Training

Initiate training is self-paced, in addition to classes taught by sister coveners. We have a 3 degree system, and from first degree to second degree, it is self-paced. It should take around one year from first degree to second degree (every sister is expected to get to second degree). From second degree, one may choose whether she wants to become a coven high priestess- third degree. This path isn’t for everyone, and the path to high priestess is a commitment- involving lots of writing, projects, reading, practicing, and training. There are other requirements, besides being of the second degree, and this path may take one year, or several years to accomplish. The responsibility of the high priestess is great, and is not for everyone.


Internal Coven Workshops

Most months, an internal workshop is presented by a coven priestess. These workshops will vary based on the interests of the coven and its members. Some recent workshops have included: archetypes, clay goddess making, energy healing, storytelling, inner child work, rainworking, astrology, goddess yoga, kitchen witchery and more.  These workshops take place during our monthly all-coven meeting.

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